Sunday, 30 June 2013

Ty LIVE - Sat 6th July @ The Basement, Sydney

Sooo looking forward to this on Saturday. Was kindly invited down by Tru Thoughts and Ty's management to do a full review. Can't wait!!

Watch this space for the full write-up.

Personal Life - Morning Light (Expansion / Tokyo Dawn)

There's only a few projects that come along and make an instant, lasting impression. This week, I was lucky enough to come across a band that has done just that, in the shape of London's Personal Life.

A music collective formed by Robert Strauss, the sound is classic soul/disco featuring the incredible vocal talent of Stuart Lisbie, with key members of Amy Winehouse's band throwing down the timeless backing. To get a better idea of what the band's all about, go no further than their own words:

"The vision for this project is to bring back into popular consciousness the sound, production, songwriting & musicality dating back to the glory days of the music industry, when commercial pop also meant culturally significant, sophisticated and catchy music made with integrity for people of all ages to enjoy."

And I'm happy to report that this is a mantra that the band more than lives up to on their new album, 'Morning Light'.

Sitting somewhere between the lyrical quality of Lionel Richie and set against instrumentals reminiscent of Chaka Khan or more recently Jamiroquai, this is disco-funk as it was, back in the day. I'm still trying to get my head around the fact this was recorded recently...

Music for all ages and persuasions, from a truly golden age. I just need to see these guys live now - if they can make me dance like a 'gay unicorn' in my lounge, who knows what they can do on stage. :-)

'Morning Light' is out on physical release July 8th via Expansion, with the album available now via Tokyo Dawn | |

Ellie Mae - Without You (A Stop.Look.Listen. Edition) FREE DL

Apologies for having been out of touch this last week - I've spent the last few days head-down in the studio which has consumed all my brainpower. I figured seeing as I spend so much time passing judgement on other people's music, I should work on my own stuff and put it out there for scrutiny. Plus it meant I could start messing with my new Vocoder. :-)

The track is a remix of 'Without You' by the gorgeous Ellie Mae, a singer-songwriter who I first met when she played at WIRED a few years back as the vocalist for Rigolo. It's been fully approved for release by Ellie, who's likened it to the Gotan Project sound. Praise indeed.

We've kept in touch whilst Ellie has been working on some beautiful acoustic melodies, culminating in her first studio EP 'Wash Away My Love'. Without You was my favourite inclusion; minimal, moody and moving, I just had to give it a splash of broken beat flavour. Check it out, download it, distribute it, enjoy it - and don't forget to check out Ellie's FreEP via the link below - it's ace!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Wired Review - June 2013

I love Wired. I've been working closely with Kate and Michael for a number of years and there's no doubt it's been the most rewarding experience of all my years DJing and tinkering away on the London music scene.

So again I was totally gutted not to witness another clearly fantastic Wired show (logistically a bit difficult when you're 13,000 miles away!). But thanks to the wonders of the interwang, I can still keep in touch with the guys and the performances, and it sounds like June 2013 was another killer show. And in true keeping with the monthly musical theme, this month Kichael decided to focus on acoustic, vocal jams.

Check the wicked Ruth Anne who flew in from L.A. just for the show to perform her incredible acoustic mash-up of Robin S' 'Show Me Love' and Lauryn Hill's 'Doo Wop'. Sickness.

Then we had the incredible northern talent in the shape of JP Cooper with more acoustic gold on 'Whenever You Hold Me', a very personal story of unrequited love...

And last, but by no means least, one of my most favourite singer/songwriters in the whole world - the one and only Obenewa. Having been tipped for big things by the likes of Gilles Peterson, the lovely lady simply goes from strength to strength on this live performance, airing for the first time brand new material from her forthcoming EP, 'B'.

Check the video for the interview, but it's worth mentioning that Obenewa wrote 'The Answer' (along with the rest of the EP inclusions) in just five days, with just three days in the studio to record them. Impressive indeed!

From the interview, it sounds like Obenewa has referenced a range of styles and influences on this latest release, so I'm mega excited to hear the whole record. Obenewa has promised to send it to me while it's still hot off the press, so watch this space.

Again, gutted not to have been there. But that said, there's a chance I'll be popping my speccy face up at August's show. Hoorah!

Coming up, apparently a certain tinker named Shakka did a Wired-supported EP release this week. Green. With. Envy. More on that soon...

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Stop.Look.Listen. Podcast #14

Hello peeps. It's raining cats and dogs in Sydney as I put together this week's podcast, hence it's a bit more of a deep, dark affair for #14.

Kicking-off with a romantic, almost Depeche Mode feel, we have some surprising sounds from Get Physical and Trentemøller, plus new joints from Potholes, Jus Like Music and our friends at Wah Wah 45s. Enjoy!

#14 - 17th June '13

01. Wire People - Triangle Vision (Get Physical Promo)
02. Austra - Home (Radio Edit) (Domino Promo)
03. Trentemøller - Never Stop Running feat. Jonny Pierce of The Drums (In My Room Promo)
04. GTA Hoffmann - Der Mogul (Jazz & Milk Promo)
05. Ta-ku - Make It Last feat. JMSN (LFTF Promo) [download]
06. Black Noi$e - Hold On (Potholes Music Promo) [download]
07. Kratos Himself - Remember (Jus Like Music Promo)
08. Grupo Socavon - Homenaje a Justino (Uproot Andy Remix) (Que Bajo Promo) [download]
09. Linda Mirada - Lio En Rio (Sabore Bicoro Remix) (Lovemonk Promo)
10. Harleighblu - Play Me (Tru Thoughts Promo)
11. Sola Rosa - Spinning Top feat. L.A. Mitchell (Agogo Promo)
[download DJ Alias - Soul Bass Remix]
12. The Gene Dudley Group - When The Gorilla Get Grip (Wah Wah 45s Promo)
13. Frameworks & BluRum 13 - What You Gonna Do? (Frameworks Remix) (My First Moth Promo)
14. Uraz Kurt - Still For (Soulab Promo)
15. Marcia Mitchell - For Love (MMM Promo)
16. Woodkid - I Love You (Interscope Promo)
17. John Legend - Made To Love (Columbia Promo)
18. HornDogz - Movin' On feat. TY, Breis & Peeda (Uptone Promo)
19. Hackney Colliery Band - Hitched (Wah Wah 45s Promo)
20. Metome - Water Cycle (King Deluxe Promo) [download]

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Sola Rosa - Spinning Top feat. L.A. Mitchell (Way Up/Agogo Recordings)

I was just in the throws of finalising the playlist for this week's Podcast, when Agogo's latest release stopped me in my tracks. I've now been listening on repeat for the last 30 minutes...

New Zealand's Sola Rosa have teamed-up with soul goddess L.A. Mitchell on 'Spinning Top', a jazzy, feel-good soul number with an infectious nu funk groove. And then there's the video, which is genius in its simplicity and head-spinning camera work.

A great little package. But, hang on - the DJ Alias Soul Bass Remix is available for FREE DOWNLOAD (just as I was about to insist you buy it!) - see the Soundcloud stream and download link below.

And watch out for the new album 'Low and Behold, High and Beyond', out on 13th September via Agogo. 

'Spinning Top' is out now on Way Up/Agogo and for download via Bandcamp |

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Joss Moog - Late Nite Beats (Robsoul Recordings)

I've been listening to a fair bit of French house of late and it doesn't come any better than Joss Moog with the new album 'Late Nite Beats' on Robsoul.

It's an LP I keep coming back to, mainly for its infectious filtered sample work, deep, solid grooves and classic drum patterns - everything that's had me hooked on French house ever since I got into it in the late-90s.

And just as I was feeling the blog had become a little devoid of video content, it just so happens that I had an official video for 'Second Choice' hit my Inbox recently. Offering a snapshot of late-70s American street and B-Bop culture, it also provides a wicked teaser for the full-length album.

'Late Nite Beats' is out now on Robsoul via Juno Download |

HornDogz feat. Ty, Breis & Peeda - Movin' On (Uptone Records)

As you'll probably know if you're a regular visitor, I'm an avid fan of Ty, so today I was mega excited to receive an EP from 'HornDogz' featuring his unmistakable vocals.

HornDogz are an incredible 3-piece jazz/soul/funk collective who released their full album last year, although I'm really sorry to admit it passed me by.

With collaborators and credentials spanning many an ocean, the HornDogz project have worked alongside the likes of Amp Fiddler and numerous other top-drawer session musicians, as well as covering for the P-Funk horn section with the one and only George Clinton.

This 3-tracker includes a brass-o-rific, sexy party jam in the shape of 'Movin' On', as well as the kick-back 'La Trompeta O Yo' and their own soulful guitar-led strip of the A-side.

Check the video - it's sick. I'm on the chase for the album as well, so will post a stream if I manage to get hold of it.

Classic, golden funk jams.

'Movin' On' is out now via Uptone Records |

IFPI Digital Music Report 2013

In preparation for my interview at Universal a few days ago, I checked out the IFPI's annual Digital Music Report published in January this year.

A really great read if you're interested in the evolving business models and markets driving the growth of digital music consumption.

Check it out here.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Stop.Look.Listen. Does Disco - Episode 1

I was in the mood for some feel-good disco, so started digging through the archives.

Here's a first look back on some personal favourites, predominantly commercially-edged bits from the late-70s/early 80s. Will look to put a few more tapes together in a similar vein over the coming weeks - apparently I own a LOT of disco from this particular era!! Guess there's a good reason I was given the nickname Disco Ben for a time...

Enjoy, my tail-shakin' lovelies.

Does Disco - Episode 1

01. The Sylvers - Come Back Lover, Come Back (Concept, 1981)
02. The Gap Band - Oops Upside Your Head (Total Experience/Mercury, 1979)
03. Sharon Redd - Can You Handle It (Prelude, 1980)
04. Gwen McCrae - All This Love That I'm Giving (Flame Records, 1988)
05. Sylvia Striplin - Give Me Your Love (Uno Melodic, 1980)
06. Sister Sledge - He's The Greatest Dancer (Atlantic, 1979)
07. Chic - My Forbidden Lover (Atlantic, 1979)
08. Machine - There But For The Grace Of God Go I (RCA Victor, 1979)
09. Chaka Khan - I Know You, I Live You (MCA, 1981)
10. The Fantastic Aleems featuring Leroy Burgess - Hooked On Your Love (NIA, 1979)
11. Geraldine Hunt - Can't Fake the Feeling (Prism, 1980)
12. Delegation - You & I (Ariola, 1980)
13. Crown Heights Affair - Far Out (De-Lite Records, 1980)
14. Change - Hold Tight (Atlantic, 1981)

Monday, 17 June 2013

Handbook - Rare Ivory EP (Free Download)

Hailing from the home of wonderful ales and incredible tea, Handbook is a name which keeps cropping up, with the Yorkshire lad consistently delivering beats so inspired you'd be forgiven for thinking he was a veteran west coast producer.

Handbook's sound is a dreamy piano-led soundscape, giving more than a nod to the future beats scene but with a style uniquely his, weaving broken beat/hip-hop rhythms around uplifting instrumental samples to create infectious downtempo melodies.

His latest EP is no different - four brand new tracks and accompanying remixes to give the originals a lift for the funkier, housier floors. And all for gratis! A bargain indeed.

Handbook's 'Rare Ivory' EP is out now via Filthy Fortune Records, for free download via Bandcamp (see below)

Thabo & The Real Deal - Thabo & The Real Deal (Free Download)

Released back in 2011, this album is what the band call 'bare knuckle soul', their guiding principle being 'to make the kind of music Bob Marley would listen to if he were alive today'. This mantra has given Thabo and The Real Deal recognition from some of the biggest names in soul, supporting the likes of Eric Robertson, Leon Ware and Cody Chestnutt, all big SLL faves.

Their self-titled freEP is pure stripped-back soul, the guys opting for Fender Rhodes, percussion, acoustic guitar and vocals in place of the typical drum patterns and deep basslines. The result is an exceptionally pure, organic sound, Thabo's vocals floating perfectly atop the heavenly backing tracks. As I write this, I can only draw comparison with Zo!, such is the immense quality of this 4-tracker.

Sitting somewhere between soul, RnB and acoustic, this is a jaw-dropping release that requires repeated listens. Enjoy, and spread the word. Expect to hear much more from these guys.

'Thabo & The Real Deal' is out now as a free download via

Yosi Horikawa - Vapor (First Word Records)

I've just come back from an interview at Universal Music Australia (eek - fingers crossed for me, ay?!) so I'm a bit wired from all the adrenaline. As a result, I'm feeling mega inspired to share some recent finds, so apologies if you get a heap of updates all at once this afternoon!

My next recommendation comes in the form of Yosi Horikawa's new album 'Vapor'. I featured 'Stars' on a recent podcast, but the album is so insane I couldn't help but give it more airtime.

Hailing from Osaka, Yosi has been experimenting with music since the age of 12, sampling various self-made sounds in his bedroom to create DIY overdubs using two cassette decks. After many years of perfecting his craft, Yosi has now begun working with the immortals at the Red Bull Music Academy (including the likes of Dorian Concept), and when you hear his music you can understand why.

Yosi's style is genre-defining, impossible to pin down. It's almost impossible to put his experimental output into any kind of context. Live recordings sit alongside a host of truly unique drum patterns and rhythms, the only common denominator being the uplifting spirit and Eastern mysticism underpinning every track. As a result, I'll let the music speak for itself.

All that's left to say is this is a truly groundbreaking release, with only Matthew Herbert coming to mind when it comes to such bold, pioneering ingenuity.

'Vapor' is out today (24th June) on First Word Records |

Tuxedo - So Good EP (Free Download)

This week I happened upon one of those free treats that just leaves you spellbound and kind of wishing you'd paid for these guys to keep making such incredible music.

The record in question is the Tuxedo EP by Tuxedo, an electro-funk smash arriving in perfect time for the summer (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway!). My favourite track comes in the form of 'So Good', an infectious, radio-friendly vibe with a super catchy feel-good vocal. That was until I heard the other two tracks: both 'Do It' and 'Get You Home' also dish-up some serious 80s-inspired soulful goodness.

We don't officially know who this/these guy(s)/girl(s) are (although I have a pretty good idea), but I intend to find out - we need to know. In the meantime, go grab the download from Soundcloud before someone inevitably picks this up and makes you, quite rightly, pay for the privilege. The logo design is serious too...

Stop.Look.Listen. Interview - Scarper (Plexus Records)

It was a few months back that I was introduced to the new Plexus imprint with their fantastic inaugural release from Pause, as featured on the Stop.Look.Listen. Podcast. Since then, I've been lucky enough to begin working with the label directly and was hugely excited to receive their second release from Scarper with the Unfurl EP.

This latest package harks back to the acidic, ambient electronica of old with a contemporary twist on the Detroit techno sound. Lush, soaring arps, arpeggiated basslines and old skool atmospherics dominate this 6-tracker, offering the listener a truly modern dance classic.

I was intrigued to learn more about the man behind the release, so here we go with the next Stop.Look.Listen. Interview, this time in a somewhat shorter format, providing the artist with a bit more scope  for creative expression. I'm delighted to introduce you to London's Scarper.

BC: What has made you Stop lately?

SCARPER: Thanks to the ever-reliable BBC6 Music (best radio station in the UK), 'Norway' by 'Style of Eye'. One of those tracks that you know is going to be special from the first few bars. Utterly infectious & addictive.

BC: What has made you Look recently?

SCARPER: The view of London from Primrose Hill. Beautiful place to hang out in the summer.

BC: And what has made you Listen?

SCARPER: It's an old one, but I keep going back to Drexciya's 'Neptunes Lair'. Absolute classic which is much more than a Detroit techno record. It's a wide, sprawling album which has all the elements of what I love about electronic music. It's full of juxtapositions: hard, clinical, robotic beats with beautiful melodies & lush ambience. It's funky & thoughtful, simple but complex, basically all the things that initially excited me about electronic music is crammed in there! There's also a high element of mystery & myth surrounding Drexciya, which for a music geek like myself is hard not to get obsessive about.

Scarper's 'Unfurl EP' is out today (24th June) via Plexus Records | | Grab your copy from | |

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Stop.Look.Listen. Podcast #13

So to episode 13 of the podcast.

This week's shenanigans are very much focussed on the future beat side of things, but with the usual splash of neo-soul, funk and housey flavour, most of which is out there for free download. Lovely jubbley. 

#13 - 10th June 2013

01. Jono McCleery - Painted Blue (Ninja Tune Promo) [download]
02. Kid Smpl - I Think It's Gone (devonwho Remix) (Hush Hush Records Promo) [download]
03. Laura Mvula - Green Garden (DJAO Remix) (white) [download]
04. SmokedBeat - Hall Street (Millenium Jazz Music Promo) [download]
05. Handbook - Intensify (Am I Real?) (Filthy Fortune Records Promo) [download]
06. Nikitch - Hate Or Wait (Darker Than Wax Promo) [download]
07. LDFD - Twerk It (white) [download]
08. Paul White - Watch The Ants (One-Handed Music Promo)
09. Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Barbaro - I'd Cry (Tru Thought Promo)
10. Amel Larrieux - For Real (IAMNOBODI RMX) (white) [download]
11. Dezaray Dawn - Don't You Dare (white)
12. Georgia Anne Muldrow - Akosua (Mello Music Group Promo) [download]
13. The Art of Fresh - The Chase (Catch Me If You Can)  (Bandcamp) [download]
14. Ta-ku - Know You (stillmuzik Promo) [download]
15. Tuxedo - So Good (white) [download]
16. Jill Scott - Golden (Kaytranada's Life Living Edition) (white) [download]
17. Uptown Funk Empire - You've Got To Have Freedom (Patchworks Remix) (Soulab Promo)
18. Henri-Pierre Noël - A Fifth Of Beethoven (Wah Wah 45s Promo)
19. Marvin Gaye - What's Going On? (Roundhouse Kick Remix) (white) [download]
20. Octa Push - Green Limo (Senseless Promo) [download]
21. Lokiboi - All Nighter (Somethingsounds Promo) [download]

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Lonely Boy - When I Think About EP (Winding Road)

It was about 5 years ago that I remember sitting down with Winding Road's Head Honcho, the man they call Hot Toddy (of Crazy P fame) and Knee Deep's very own Sebastian 'Basti' Doering for dinner in east London. Basti was a relatively recent addition to their roster with releases under his now prolific 'Lovebirds' moniker. A real personal honour for me, as I'd spent much of my time at uni pushing the WR sound in the clubs 'round Bournemouth.

On the move up to London, I got involved with D&B heroes Reprise Agency who were looking to expand into the deeper house space. So I mentioned the 'Gentle EP', a record released on Basti and Vincenzo's new Teardrop label and an EP that for me encapsulated everything good about house music at the time. Right from his earlier releases on Azuli back in '99, I'd long been a fan of Basti's genre-defining soulful house style. Then came Lovebirds, which was nothing short of a deep house, genre-defining tour de force.

Anyhow, safe to say I've been a fan of the Winding Road label for time, so when their latest release dropped in my Inbox this week, I did a rather over-exuberant dance, to myself, in the living room.

This latest release comes from 'Lonely Boy', an L.A. producer that WR assure we all know, but whose name will remain a mystery (answers on a postcard please).

'When I Think About' is yet another triumph from the WR stable - a truly classic and beautifully produced selection of deep house, with remixes coming from long-time-ten-dollar-lover Hot Toddy, as well as man of the hour Giom with a more electro/disco feel, plus a Dub for the darker floors. There's then 'Shut Your Mouth', a more melodic, funky jam on the flip. Anyways, here it is:

Seriously, go buy. And while you're at it, download WR's back cat - it's all solid gold and sounds as fresh as the day it was mastered.

'When I Think About' is out on 21st June via Winding Road | Winding Road on Facebook

Stop.Look.Listen. Deep House Mix - Jun '13 Pt. 2

A few more deeper tracks fo' yo' lugs, with brand new cuts from Local Talk, Diynamic, Large and Pooled. Enjoy!

Deep House Mix - Jun '13 Pt. 2

01. Prommer & Barck - The Machine (Derwin Recordings Promo) .
02. Cle - The Jam (Local Talk Promo) .
03. Esa - Forbidden Place (Burek Promo) .
04. H.O.S.H. & Stimming - Cowboy (Diynamic Music Promo) .
05. Matt Prehn - Chemical Attraction (Large Music Promo) .
06. Daniel Kyo feat. Mr. White - All I Want (Original) (Drumpoet Community Promo) .
07. Appleblim - Fluorescent (Apple Pips Promo) .
08. LTJ Xperience - Holding On (IRMA Promo) .
09. Kalabrese - Brooklyn 55 (Rumpelmusig Promo) .
10. Outboxx - Thrashing Groovster (Idle Hands Promo) .
11. Mike Sharon - Can You Feel It (Local Talk Promo) .
12. Ian Pooley - I Got You (Matthias Vogt Remix) (Pooled Music Promo)
13. Robosonic & Adana Twins - La Fique (2DIY4 Promo)
14. HNNY - For The Very First Time (Dirtytwo's Midas Touch Version) (Local Talk Promo) .

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Stop.Look.Listen. Podcast #12

Marking the Queen's birthday here in Oz, things have gone a bit soulful/R&B this week, mainly down to the man Steve Ripley over at Soulfood who continues to prove himself a complete music superstar.

Tracks come from Diggs Duke following this week's interview with Tall Black Guy, plus the usual crazy niceness with two tracks from Omar's much-anticipated new album 'The Man', more biggies from Tru Thoughts, First Word, Ninja Tune and Stones Throw, alongside a fresh REFLEX take on Daft Punk and my very own Bastard Jazz edit. Have a wee listen, my good friend.

#12 - 3rd June 2013

01. Diggs Duke feat. Vaughan Octavia - Is It Love? (Thundercat Cover) (Bandcamp) [download]
02. B.jamelle - Rose Tea (Bandcamp) [download]
03. Sheree Brown - Time For The Party (Expansion Promo)
04. Timotha Lanae - ALBUM TRACK 2 [UNKNOWN]
05. C. Robert Walker - Something's Going On (Expansion Promo)
06. Omar - Fuck War, Make Love (Freestyle Promo)
07. Omar - Simplify (Freestyle Promo)
08. Quasimoto - Brothers Can't See Me (Stones Throw Promo)
09. Natural Self - An Invisible Light (Tru Thoughts Promo)
10. Nickodemus feat. Sammy Ayala - Baila Tu Manera (Whiskey Barons Remix) (Wonderwheel Promo)
11. The Impellers - Do What I Wanna Do (Clear's Muchacho Sucio Remix) (Légère Recordings Promo)
12. Kid Loco x Captain Planet - My Daddy Ningani [Stop.Look.Listen. Lumpy Mash] (Soundcloud) [download]
13. Omegaman - El O'man Boogaloo (All Good Funk Alliance Remix) (Fort Knox Promo)
14. Daft Punk - Doin' It Right (REFLEX Remix) (Soundcloud) [download]
15. Kid A - BB Bleu (Eliphino Remix) (Ninja Tune Promo) [download]
16. Yosi Horikawa - Stars (First Word Promo)
17. Hidden Orchestra - Vorka (DC Breaks Remix) (Tru Thoughts Promo)

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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Carly Simon - You Belong To Me

My other half was just watching Little Black Book starring Brittany Murphy (a sad tale indeed) and this tune came on during the credits.

A wicked bit of 70s soul.

Youthful, houseful nostalgia

So while I was working at Groovefinder Records in Southsea back in 2002, a certain boss and soulful ol' boy Jeff Powell (now famed for his rep of Karin Park, among many others) picked a few crisp, imported 12s from the shelves and said to me, 'This is house music as it's meant to be'.

At the time, I was being offered a valuable sales tool, but what he actually did was introduce me to the real sound of the super-soulful US, and I was hooked.

Naked Music, OM, Soulfuric. Labels as synonymous with the modern club sound as the likes of Trax way back when. So here's three sounds from an era that truly shaped by music obsession. Hope you like.

Miguel Migs - Nude Dimensions Vol. 1 (The Petalpusher Session) 

(Naked Music)

I listened to this over and over again on a sunlounger on my first ever trip to Ibiza. A mix that still gives me shivers.

Kaskade - It's You, It's Me 


Another of Jeff's recommendations, and a twelve I could still never bare to part with.

Hardsoul feat. Ron Carroll - Back Together (Main Classic Mix) 


Recently released on Defected's 'For The Love of House Vol. 2', this is another treasured, timeless soulful house benchmark; a track I went on to play relentlessly during my uni years at Bournemouth's Klute and Funki Sushi, and a tune that still inspires me now. 

As the name suggests, this is a true classic.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

J-Hoon feat. Phatkhat - Favorite Line (Opolopo Remix) (FREE DL)

More Opolopo hip-hop/nu beat remix sex. All for free. This time twisting his typically intelligent mastery around J-Hoon's 'Favorite Line', feat. Phatkhat. 

Sick. Intense. Insanely inexpensive.

Daft Punk - Doin' It Right (Reflex Remix) (FREE DL)

This is why REFLEX is the remix producer to watch out for this year.

After his incredible reshuffle of 'Rock With You', here's the first take on 'Random Access Memories'.

Free to download - get involved.

Various Artists - Talking House Volume 2 (Local Talk)

I've been trying to hook-up with Sweden's Local Talk label for a while. Typically, house music aficionados aren't too receptive to this whole blogging thing, the backward buggers.

That said, this morning I was ecstatic to see LT's 'Talking House Volume 2' finally hit my Inbox.

As selected by Mad Mats + Tooli, I'd say the Local Talk label truly represents the new sound of house, encapsulating every new trend, fashionable genre and cliche, mixing it up into an incredible, captivating, warm and wonderful frenzy. And all with the most sublime production values.

Check out HNNY's 'For The Very First Time', Dirtytwo's Midas Touch Version, and find out why they continue to be the deep house label du jour.

'Talking House Volume 2' is out via Local Talk on 14th June. |

Play more, pay less

There's no doubt that my wages as a DJ have plummeted over the years.

From a fresh-faced 18-year old playing at brand new DJ bars in Portsmouth, I've seen a fairly significant drop in wages with each year that's gone by. From £300 for a 4-hour set in 2002 (safe to say I was a bloody rich Sixth Former with a weekly residency!), to some £150 for a 9-hour set in 2012 at last count, with the crowd numbering significantly more for the latter.

The digital revolution has apparently made our trade 'easier' and more accessible - the Sync button is a curse for seasoned, experienced DJs, a shortcut not present when I was learning to programme a set on a pair of belt-drive Geminis in a garage in 1998.

Anyway, The Frustrated DJ gives a really good, solid argument about the fate of the modern digital DJ. Take a read.

Let me know that you think.

Stop.Look.Listen. Deep House Mix - June '13

I mentioned I'd had a stack load of new housey bits through over the last month, so here's a deep, soulful blend featuring some super-fresh forthcoming tracks from Lost My Dog, Reel People, Hot Creations and loads more. Enjoy!

Deep House Mix | June '13

01. Leon Ware - I Know You (Reel People Remix) (Reel People Promo)
02. Pete Dafeet & Miami Ice - Time (feat. Sara Brito) (Lost My Dog Promo)
03. Laberge - Falling Away (Terrence Pearce Remix) (Home Breakin Promo)
04. Joss Moog - Sitting On The Fence (Robsoul Promo)
05. Rhode & Brown - Under Your Spell (Gamma Promo)
06. Greg Pidcock - Blame Game (Hobo Shamed Mix) (Hot Creations Promo)
07. Russ Yallop feat. Aimee Sophia - The Journey (Crosstown Rebels Promo)
08. Janis - Movin Up (House Is OK Promo)
09. Mr. Fingers - Can You Feel It (Jakobin & Domino's Pump Up The Jam Rework) (Soundcloud) [download]
10. Nigel One - Up North Trip (Golf Clap Remix) (Soundcloud) [download]
11. Jakobin & Domino - Feel For You (Master) (Large Music Promo)
12. Steve Mill ft Anna Cavazos - Upside Down (Main Mix) (Muak Promo)
13. Sek - Come On Toshi! (Lost My Dog Promo)
14. Roland Nights - Do You Hear Me (Lost My Dog Promo)
15. Temporary Hero - Ballet (Andre Lodemann Remix) (Sidetrak Records Promo)

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Ella Chi - Gobstopper [Ben Cox SLL Dub Instrumental]

Tonight I'm delving into the archives.

Here's a wee dub remix I did on Ella Chi's 'Gobstopper' after meeting the lovely lady numerous times through my sets at WIRED.

A soul goddess if every there was one, and a beautiful lady to boot. Here's my dub version for free download. Enjoy and feedback peeps!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Kid Loco x Captain Planet - My Daddy Ningani [Stop.Look.Listen. Lumpy Mash]

I was just in the toilet (where else??) and recalled this remix I put together last year. It came about while toying with a couple of my favourite tracks at the time, and by sheer fluke this little booty came together.

It’s a mash of Kid Loco - My Daddy Waza and the instrumental version of Captain Planet feat. Fredy Massamba – Ningani. I pinged it over to Dom Servini at Wah Wah 45s who thought it was worthy of radio airplay, but have sat on it since. All done on a rather sexy piece of software called mashup - get involved!

Anyway, here it is. Can't believe I neglected you lot! Download, play, and let me know what you think.

Stop.Look.Listen. Podcast #11

I've gone a bit world this week, in no small part due to the kindness of new friends IRMA Records in Italy and Far Out Recordings in London. There's also some cracking freebies from groovesters Soulection, as well as brand new tracks from First Word, Jalapeno and Fort Knox. Lovely stuff. 

The mix is a little schizophrenic this week, as is the selection. Thankfully there's still no digital substitute to an experienced DJ. :-) Enjoy my lovelies and spread the word about these cracking new releases!
#11 - 27th May 2013

01. OL & ¥oin - Sink (Fine Grains Promo)
02. Lakim - Future Bounce (Soulection) [download]
03. Flako - What's That Calling Me (Project: Mooncircle) [download]
04. Dwele - Lady (Sango & Lakim Edit) (Soulection) [download]
05. Kilo Kish - Give It 2 U (Cover) (Self-Released) [download]
06. Kraak & Smaak - The Future Is Yours (Ambassadeurs Remix) (Jalapeno Promo) [download]
07. Riot Jazz Brass Band - Paradox (First Word Promo)
08. Fort Knox Five - Once Again feat. King Kamonzi (Fort Knox Promo)
09. Basement Freaks - The Last Train (Jalapeno Promo)
10. Leon Ware - I Know You (Original Mix) (Reel People Promo)
11. Thabo & The Real Deal - Hey Mama (Bandcamp) [download]
12. Jaidene Veda - If Only (Elle's Chill Reprise) (Jaiveda Productions Promo)
13. The Blue Hammock - Wonderwall (IRMA Promo)
14. Hawa - Gone Away (Favorite Recordings Promo)
15. Benoit Viellefon & His Orchestra - Minor Swing (JohnJohn Records Promo)
16. Joyce Moreno - Dor De Amor É Água (Far Out Recordings Promo)
17. Christian Lisi - Besame Mucho (IRMA Promo)
18. Unknown - I Want Your Love (Soul Clap Records)

Automixed with Algoriddim Djay for iPhone
Style: Standard | Duration: 2.0 seconds | Auto-Sync BPM: OFF | Trigger Before End: 5 seconds

Stop.Look.Listen. Interview - Tall Black Guy (First Word)

Tall Black Guy is one of the most talked about soul artists of the year, with his latest album '8 Miles To Moenart' being met with rapturous praise right across the web.

The album is a real journey showcasing numerous musical influences in a multitude of styles. Through broken beats, disco drum patterns, hip-hop attitude and soulful melody, this long-player plays like a story, reading like a book that's impossible to put down. It results in a carefully choreographed selection that, much like a great novel, should be devoured in one sitting.

With such an obvious emotive and biographical undertone, it got me wondering about the personality behind the story, the influences, the inspiration. So I asked him. Here's what he had to say.


BC: What’s your name and where d’you come from?

TALL BLACK GUY: My name is Terrel Wallace aka Tall Black Guy Productions and I'm originally from Detroit Michigan, moved around a lot so some people think I'm still in Chicago or the D but I currently reside in the UK.

BC: What three records would sum-up your musical influences and why?


1. Summer Madness by Kool & the Gang

2. In A Sentimental Mood by Duke Ellington & John Coltrane

3. I Can't Help It by Michael Jackson. They have all been instrumental in shaping the way I create my own sound.

BC: What was the last live act / DJ you saw that left a lasting impression on you?

TALL BLACK GUY: Benji B, I saw him perform at an Open event in Norwich. He knows how to pick some dope tunes and has a lot of skill as a DJ.

BC: Grab your choice of music device, press Shuffle and list the first three tracks that come up. Tell us in a few words why each has earned a place in your playlist.


1. Play Dis Only At Night by Pete Rock, from one of my favorite albums from 2001 I used to play this song consistently 5 times a week while driving around Detroit.

2. I Couldn't Love You More by Sade, I'm a huge fan of Sade...always have been. This song by far is one of my favorites.

3. Nighttime Maneuvers by Little Brother. To me Little Brother are one of the last hip hop groups to make music of this quality in 2004 aside from The Roots or De La.

BC: What’s the secret to your sound?

TALL BLACK GUY: Can't tell you that its a secret! Practice, practice and more practice is my main secret.

BC: What or whom most inspires you and helps focus your musical creativity?

TALL BLACK GUY: God and my family

BC: Which music producer do you think is going to be making waves in 2013?

TALL BLACK GUY: There are quite a few that I check for, but Kenny Keys, Diggs Duke and Doc Illingsworth are probably the ones I check for the most.

BC: What’s next for Tall Black Guy?

TALL BLACK GUY: To continue making music that I'm inspired to make with the artists that I respect. That's all anyone who loves music can ask for.



'8 Miles To Moenart' is out now via First Word. Check the album sampler out below and grab yourself a copy from Juno Download here.

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