Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Play more, pay less

There's no doubt that my wages as a DJ have plummeted over the years.

From a fresh-faced 18-year old playing at brand new DJ bars in Portsmouth, I've seen a fairly significant drop in wages with each year that's gone by. From £300 for a 4-hour set in 2002 (safe to say I was a bloody rich Sixth Former with a weekly residency!), to some £150 for a 9-hour set in 2012 at last count, with the crowd numbering significantly more for the latter.

The digital revolution has apparently made our trade 'easier' and more accessible - the Sync button is a curse for seasoned, experienced DJs, a shortcut not present when I was learning to programme a set on a pair of belt-drive Geminis in a garage in 1998.

Anyway, The Frustrated DJ gives a really good, solid argument about the fate of the modern digital DJ. Take a read.

Let me know that you think.
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