Monday, 17 June 2013

Stop.Look.Listen. Interview - Scarper (Plexus Records)

It was a few months back that I was introduced to the new Plexus imprint with their fantastic inaugural release from Pause, as featured on the Stop.Look.Listen. Podcast. Since then, I've been lucky enough to begin working with the label directly and was hugely excited to receive their second release from Scarper with the Unfurl EP.

This latest package harks back to the acidic, ambient electronica of old with a contemporary twist on the Detroit techno sound. Lush, soaring arps, arpeggiated basslines and old skool atmospherics dominate this 6-tracker, offering the listener a truly modern dance classic.

I was intrigued to learn more about the man behind the release, so here we go with the next Stop.Look.Listen. Interview, this time in a somewhat shorter format, providing the artist with a bit more scope  for creative expression. I'm delighted to introduce you to London's Scarper.

BC: What has made you Stop lately?

SCARPER: Thanks to the ever-reliable BBC6 Music (best radio station in the UK), 'Norway' by 'Style of Eye'. One of those tracks that you know is going to be special from the first few bars. Utterly infectious & addictive.

BC: What has made you Look recently?

SCARPER: The view of London from Primrose Hill. Beautiful place to hang out in the summer.

BC: And what has made you Listen?

SCARPER: It's an old one, but I keep going back to Drexciya's 'Neptunes Lair'. Absolute classic which is much more than a Detroit techno record. It's a wide, sprawling album which has all the elements of what I love about electronic music. It's full of juxtapositions: hard, clinical, robotic beats with beautiful melodies & lush ambience. It's funky & thoughtful, simple but complex, basically all the things that initially excited me about electronic music is crammed in there! There's also a high element of mystery & myth surrounding Drexciya, which for a music geek like myself is hard not to get obsessive about.

Scarper's 'Unfurl EP' is out today (24th June) via Plexus Records | | Grab your copy from | |
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