Tuesday, 30 July 2013

SLL EDM News : 30th July 2013

1. Paris Hilton readies her weekly 'show' at Amnesia amidst furious responses from the dance music community; booking widely dubbed as "Everything that's wrong with dance music in one night". I couldn't agree more. Ms. Hilton consistently uses her undeserving wealth and celebrity to make a mockery of any bandwagon she chooses to jump on. It's just sad that Amnesia have allowed her to bring shame on such an iconic establishment. I think someone needs to remind the booking agent that there's such a thing as bad PR... (via Skrufff)

2. King Street Sounds preps 'New York Big Room Classics', a 20-track compilation showcasing the last 20 years of the label's most seminal releases. Expect tracks old and new from big-hitters such as MOOD II SWING, Ultra Naté, Cevin Fisher and Benji Candelario. Currently due for release on 24th September.

3. Eastern Electrics show us how to sell a festival. With a naked Seth Troxler. Of course. (via Beatport)

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