Sunday, 31 March 2013

Various Artists - Ouroboros (Innovative Leisure)

Happy Easter y'all! I've awoken to another slight hangover here at Crescent Head on the coast of eastern Australia, but have found solace in the one album I have actually purchased this month - and believe me there's a very good reason why.

Ouroboros is, according to Wikipedia, an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. And so lays the foundation for Innovative Leisure's 2012 compilation of the same name, with a clear musical context, as quoted on their website:

“The Ouroboros often represents self-reflexivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return, and other things perceived as cycles that begin anew as soon as they end. It can also represent the idea of primordial unity related to something existing in or persisting from the beginning with such force or qualities it cannot be extinguished.”

Whilst I missed it first time around, 'Ouroboros' is a compilation of some of the best electronic dance I've heard in ages. Featuring SLL faves such as Machinedrum and Sweatson Klank, the album is a mash of addictive deep techy beats, pads and atmospherics - a true soundscape of an album - a true reinvention. It's hard to pick the sound as it feels so fresh, but think Freerange, Luomo and you're in the ballpark. On heavy rotation. Go buy!

'Ouroboros' is out now. |

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Mr Bird - Birds Birds Birds (Vital Force)

It's been a productive week so far! I'm again delighted to announce another hook-up for the blog, this time with soulful broken beat stable Fat Bird Records.

We start with an album from label head honcho Steve Bird (aka Mr Bird) with 'Bird Bird Bird'. Released in February this year on Vital Force, the album is a 13-tracker of original material, a slight departure from the remix work for which he's famed. His third album release, 'Birds...' explores Steve's new found influences having moved from Newcastle to Lisbon, Portugal several years ago.

The album is a rich soundscape of dancefloor-orientated beats, jazzy percussion-led jams and soulful downtempo - personal faves include 'The Eskimo' and 'Wanna Be Good', two of the more loungy tracks from the album. Given the intense atmosphere felt throughout the tracks, it's hardly surprising that Mr Bird fits his own production work around a day-job writing original music for TV, documentaries, dance and theatre. The whole album has splashes of Scruff about it, which is why I'm super excited to hear more from Mr Bird, particularly a new album due to drop at some point this year on BBE. A really exciting artist to keep a watch out for.

Birds Birds Birds is out now on Vital Force. Grab it from Juno Download [here].

Friday, 29 March 2013

Caroline Lacaze - En Route (Légère Recordings)

I recently featured Caroline Lacaze's new single 'L'Etrange' on the Stop.Look.Listen. Podcast, but am since ashamed to admit I only included the instrumental (*blush*). For some reason vocals sang in a different language have always jarred with me in the past. Thankfully, having just received Caroline's full-length album, I'm delighted to say it's finally time to put those demons to rest.

'En Route' is Caroline's first album and comes following a string of successful 45 releases and live appearances, including a spot on Craig Charles' famed Radio 6 Funk & Soul Show. The album is truly eclectic and soundtracked as a roadtrip mixtape - as I grapple to find the most suitable adjectives to describe the album, let me quote the press release directly: 

The mixture on “En Route” is eclectic: nonchalant 60s beat, mysterious psych-pop, raucous funk and longing French chanson, all held together by the energetic raw soul sound and the skillful ‘mise-en-scene’ of the Mocambo Electric Sound Orchestra.

I couldn't have put it better myself. ;-)

Safe to say this is a wonderfully inspired and inspiring selection of tracks spanning a multitude of moods and styles. Looking forward to hearing much more from the 'swinging mademoiselle' in the future - a rising star for sure!

En Route is out 19th April on Légère Recordings |

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Various Artists: Cloud Watching Volume 1 (Riddim Fruit)

Again I'm overjoyed to announce another new label tie-up for the blog - this time with the Riddim Fruit imprint based in Devon, UK. Typically a region famed for its glorious range of dairy products, this relatively new label has been churning out its own unique brand of soul food since 2010.

With a discography focussed on sun-drenched West Coast-inspired beats and downtempo, the best bit is not just the amazing quality of the music, but also that they've started putting out compilation albums of their material completely free. 

'Cloud Watching Volume 1' is an incredible mash of lo fi hip-hop, broken beat and dub, with funk-filled cuts and captivating melody at the heart of every track. Such an incredible soundclash is a result of the label looking to artists right across the globe to source its material, with the resulting sound something really very special. Personal faves on the album have to be 'Humble Love' by Kalamari Beats and Kill Emi's 'Don't Love With Hatred'. 

I tip these guys for very big things, so be sure to get your download on and check their back cat too. Oh, and there's a Volume 2 of 'Cloud Watching' as well which I'm really looking forward to getting round to.

Cloud Watching Volume 1 is out now as a free download [here] or via Bandcamp above. |

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Osmojam - 80 EP (Bandcamp)

By complete surprise, I got an email from an upcoming Parisian nu soul artist called Osmojam this weekend. Safe to say there's been few releases that have blown me away in quite the same way.

Osmojam is the beautiful Nadia Henry, who is currently working as a Commercial Manager in a French energy utility, but just happens to moonlight as one of the finest soul voices I've heard in a very long time. With her influences including names such as Kurt Elling, Omar and Jamie Cullum, Nadia has been practicing music from the tender age of just 5, becoming a long-term violinist before turning her hand to singing in a gospel choir alongside her studies. 

On this insanely free release, Nadia has turned her hand to reworking some classic 80s numbers from Wham!, Madonna, Janet Jackson and Phil Collins (three of my favourite artists of all time, so I'll admit I was skeptical at first). 

It's always incredibly difficult to add something to tracks that are so embedded in popular culture, but Osmojam strips everything right back to basics to let her incredibly captivating and powerful verse come right to the forefront to reinvent each record effortlessly. Intricate acoustic guitar and slick rhodes lines provide the perfect backing, as supplied by Fabien Coronada and Kelyan Horth. Expect big things from this girl in coming months.

Watch out for new album 'Echappée' due to drop exclusively on BamaLoveSoul very soon.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Impellers - Do What I Wanna Do (Légère Recordings)

I've recently been hooked up with Légère Recordings out of Hamburg, purveyors of some serious sexy nu funk (think big Craig Charles-eque fodder) and this latest release has cemented them as one of my favourite new labels.

The Impellers are a 10-strong heavy soul and funk band who released their first album on another SLL label fave - Freestyle - in 2009. The guys are already famed for their multitude of styles and influences, both across their original material and covers - a perfect blend of deep funk, latin and afrobeats for the more upbeat floors.

Their latest release is the typically wicked 'Do What I Wanna Do' (as featured on this week's Podcast), with the guys again putting the 'fun' into funk with massive piano and guitar riffs meeting crazy afro adlibs and a peak-time singalong vocal. The package comes with an equally bonkers video from a band who clearly know how to bring the party - check the vid above.

'Do What I Wanna Do' is out now on Légère Records. |

Monday, 25 March 2013

Various Artists - Sonic Boom Vol. 3 (Giant Step)

I only found out last week that those cheeky music pushers over at Giant Step have been releasing some amazing free soul compilations since last year. The latest installment is in the shape of 'Sonic Boom Vol. 3' and the quality of the content is exactly what you'd expect from one of the best nu soul sites out there.

Smooth, infectious beats, incredible sampling work and flawless vocals are aplenty on this 12-tracker, with my favourite cuts including a wicked cover of Frank Ocean's 'Pyramids' and the uber-funky 'I-69' by a new name to me - Roman GianArthur (check it out on this week's Podcast).

Maybe I'm showing my age but it still feels somehow wrong to be able to grab such amazing music for free, particularly when I used to spend around £10 a piece for singles of this quality on vinyl. Either way, that's progress I guess, and it's sounds sweet!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Scrimshire - Convergent (Wah Wah 45s)

'Convergent' is the first cut from Scrimshire's much anticipated third album 'Bight', out in May.

Adam has been keeping his fans bang upto date at every stage of the album-making process, which was only finished a few short weeks ago. As such, it's great to hear this first release, a slight departure from his previous long-player with more of a electronic feel and a truly unique dark and melancholic vibe (think James Blake, Jamie Woon territory). That said, 'Convergent' still maintains all of the character of Scrimshire's previous releases, with gorgeous guitar work and razor-sharp production providing a perfect showcase for the man himself on vocals. Can't wait to hear the album!

'Convergent' is out on 15th April via Wah Wah 45s. Mixes will be coming from Yosi Horikawa, Mazoulew and more.

Pre-order your copy here:
Or via iTunes:

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Stop.Look.Listen. Podcast #4

And so to this week's podcast. And despite have the hangover from hell (thanks Coogee Bay Hotel), I'm really chuffed with it this week - safe to say there's some wicked music floating about at the minute. So kick back, and enjoy.

#4 - 18th Mar 2013

01. Sweatson Klank - Waiting feat. Vikter Duplaix (Project: Mooncircle Promo)
02. Toddla T Sound - Worst Enemy (Ninja Tune Promo)
03. Flume - Holdin On (Future Classic Promo)
04. Ferry Ultra and the Homeless Funkers - Why Did You Do It (feat. Ashley Slater) (Peppermint Jam Promo)
05. St.Maarteen's The Rolling Tones - It's a Feeling (Record Kicks Promo)
06. The Sign of Four - Topsy Turvy (Jazzman Promo)
07. The Impellers - Do What I Wanna Do (Légère Recordings Promo)
08. Nick Pride & The Pimptones - Everything's Better In The Summertime (Record Kicks Promo)
09. Dusty - Danse Macabre (ft. Bad Jazz Troupe) (Jazz & Milk Promo)
10. Soulnaturals feat. Sharon Gitau - If It's War (You're Looking For) (British Soul Standard Promo)
11. Ginger & The Ghost - One Type Of Dark (Ta-ku Remix) (Self Released)
12. DA-10 - Anaphase (WotNot Promo)
13. Shafiq Husayn - The World It Softly Lulls (Shafiq Husayn Remix) (Bandcamp) [download]
14. NinetyNine - Love13 (Giant Step) [download]
15. Millennium Jazz - Cloak and Dagger - Skinnista (Bandcamp) [download]
16. Roman GianArthur - I-69 (Giant Step) [download]
17. Scrimshire - Convergent (Radio Edit) (Wah Wah 45s Promo)
18. Tortured Soul - Dirty (Original Mix) (Bandcamp) [download]
19. Fetsum - Letters From Damascus (EnaWadan Remix) (Sonar Kollektiv Promo)

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Various Artists - The Melt Compilation Volume 1 (Bandcamp)

The Melt Volume 1 is an incredible collection of cuts from a music collective out of LA. This comp is their first album release, a credit to the amazing quality of the future beats coming out of the US, as well as the team’s pioneering sound and superb A&R skills.

I’ve got to admit I’m new to nearly all the artists featured, but safe to say that each track represents the very best of the cut-up future funk sound, with gorgeous soul/R&B samples twisted perfectly around electronic rhythms, dark, trippy synths/FX and moody pad work.

The Melt takes you on a true musical journey, with each producer and track entirely unique with their own distinctive personality. Look out more from all these guys as their sound and production values make this a truly groundbreaking album. Big support on this one.

The Melt Volume 1 is out now as a free download via Bandcamp. [download]

Monday, 18 March 2013

King Knut - 46 King (Musique Large)

As featured on this week’s podcast, King Knut combines huge west coast rhythms with typically eccentric Nordic influences. A former producer for world-beaters The XX, the '46 King' EP is an insane melting pot of styles and genres blended into a truly unique and ear-turning sound. You might remember the name from some excellent remix work Knut did a couple of years back for SLL faves Wah Wah 45s, providing remix support on Stac’s ‘Glory’.

’46 King’ will be released via Fulgeance’s French Musique Large imprint on 25th March. Hit-up the label at

In the meantime, be sure to grad a free download of ‘A Lil Soul’ from XLR8R – actually one of my favourite cuts from the release (just check the pads - wow!!).

King Knut – A Lil Soul [download]

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Stop.Look.Listen. Podcast #3

More lovely podcast goodness for ya Sunday morning. Enjoy, and don't forget to grab the downloads before they're gone.

As always, a massive thank you to the guys at City Soul and Soulection for putting me onto more wicked free download action this week. Big love. :-)

#3 - 11th Mar 2013

01. Kingdom Crumbs - The Mezzanine (Self Released) [download]
02. Jill Scott x Jay Dilla - Let's Slowly, Surely Grow (DJ Topspin Refix) (Soundcloud) [download]
03. Sango - Nujabes Juke (Soulection) [download]
04. Marble - L.L (Ta-ku Remix) (Soundcloud) [download]
05. Diesler ft Double Yellow - You're Not Dead (Buried Treasure Promo)
06. Cookin' on 3 Burners - Four n Twenty (Freestyle Promo)
07. Cody Chestnutt - 'Till I Met Thee (Radio Edit) (Universal Promo)
08. C.Z. - Lovin Your Smile (Bandcamp) [download]
09. Dusty - Mood Matters (Jazz & Milk Promo)
10. Lion Babe - Treat Me Like Fire (Star Slinger Bootleg Mix) (Soundcloud) [download]
11. The Chromatics - Kill For Love (Kraak & Smaak Bootleg Remix) (Soundcloud) [download]
12. Cocolores - Take Your Shirt Off (Radio Edit) (Compost Black Promo)
13. Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - The Secret Life of Us feat. Donna Gardier & Diane Charlemagne (Director's Cut Signature Radio Edit) (Z Records Promo)
14. King Knut - A Lil' Soul (Aquadrop Remix) (Musique Large Promo)
15. Coco Bryce - Club Tropicana (Fremdtunes Promo)

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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Cocolores - Take Your Shirt Off (Compost Black)

I’m hugely excited to announce that Compost have now taken me under their wing and invited me to start reviewing their upcoming releases. Compost has been a huge influence on my musical leanings right from the first Koop EP I heard way back (when I was doing my very own Koop impression working in a Portsmouth record store!).

Anyhow, for this first review we’re taking things on a housier tip. ‘Take Your Shirt Off’ is a deep, chuggy groover, with a throbbing b-line, smooth chords, atmospheric synth and FX snippets backing the haunting, distorted lead vocal – hypnotizing you to, well, Take Your Shirt Off.

With early support from Tensnake, Anja Schneider and Jesse Rose, the package comes loaded with ‘Keep On Running’ another 808-heavy rhythm with more hypnotic overtones, huge piano riffs and an infectious groove. Looking forward to playing this out very soon!

‘Take Your Shirt Off’ is out 22nd March via Compost Black. |

Cookin' on 3 Burners - This Girl / Four n Twenty (Freestyle)

The voice of Kylie Auldist was one of the main things that turned me onto the nu skool sound of soul a few years ago. Here her captivating dulcet tones are beautifully showcased on ‘This Girl’, another timeless release from London stable Freestyle. Soft, crisp guitar work combines with a smooth horn section, twisting through a series of infectious key changes to produce a laid-back cut for your Sunday afternoon.

Things step up a gear on ‘Four n Twenty’, an instrumental, high octane dancefloor-orientated funk cracker, featuring some serious guitar work and badass organ jams. Loving it!

'This Girl' is out now - you can grab it via the Soundcloud link above. |

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sweatson Klank - You, Me, Temporary (Project: Mooncircle)

This is undoubtedly my album of the year so far for sure! The first album I’ve had through in 2013 that I’ve instantly needed to rewind and play again.

Sweatson Klank releases his third studio album in the shape of ‘You, Me, Temporary’ on Project: Mooncircle, a 17-tracker that takes the listener on an incredible journey through a multitude of musical dimensions. From soulful, R&B-esque beats and melodies to gorgeous future funk rhythms, the album plays like a very personal biography showcasing the amazing warmth and depth of Sweatson’s productions.

The package comes with some epic tie-ups, my favourite being the unmistakable vocals of Vikter Duplaix as featured on ‘Waiting’, which sounds not too dissimilar from Luomo output of the past.

If deep, future beats are your thing, you need this album. Hugely recommend.

‘You, Me, Temporary’ is out on 4th April via Project: Mooncircle. |

Monday, 11 March 2013

Stop.Look.Listen. Podcast #2

And so to this week's installment of the SLL Podcast. Some real tasty bits 'n' pieces this week, many for free download. Just check the links.

#2 - 4th Mar 2013

01. Pause - Falsey (Plexus Records Promo)
02. Sweatson Klank - Waiting feat. Vikter Duplaix (Project: Mooncircle Promo)
03. Kilo Kish - Goldmine (Self Released) [download]
04. DIBIA$E - unfortunate[90] (Self Released) [download]
05. Handbook - Sun King (Soundcloud) [download]
06. Potatohead People - Back To My Shit ft. Frank Nitt (Bastard Jazz Promo)
07. Art of Fresh - Where I Go (Self Released) [download]
08. DJ iZem vs. Michael Kiwanuka - I'll Get Along (XLR8R) [download]
09. Rosie Brown - Bliss (Quantic Remix) (Wah Wah 45s Promo)
10. Tortured Soul - Dirty (Live Mix) (Bandcamp) [download]
11. Ambient Jazz Ensemble - Jazz Face (Ambient Jazz Ensemble Rework) (Here & Now Promo)
12. Fion & Brame - Get Some (Soundcloud) [download]
13. Onita - Joined (Album Version) (Universal Promo)
14. Sieren - Blue Memories (Finest Ego Promo)
15. Chrome Canyon - Generations (Chateau Marmont Rmx) (Stones Throw Promo) [download]

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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Ambient Jazz Ensemble - Jazz Face Remixes (Here & Now)

I’ve just woken up to a gorgeous, hot and sunny morning here in Sydney. And what better way to soak up the rays over my first cup of tea than this new release from one of my go-to labels of late - Here & Now.

This new single is an intro to the Ambient Jazz Ensemble, a new project from long-time TV, film and advert music composer Colin Baldry. His production background is instantly apparent on ‘Jazz Face’, with super-crisp layers of beats and melody building and building into a truly atmospheric, cinematic soundscape. Finn Peters brings it all together beautifully with some characteristically flawless sax work.

A wicked lil’ nu jazz package, remixes come courtesy of Kirk Degiorgio and Simbad who give the original their own distinct edge – Kirk sharpening the drums and Simbad with two remixes for the dancefloor.

Jazz Face Remixes is out on 25th March via Here & Now.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Ty - Kick Snare and an Idea Pt 1 (Tru Thoughts)

I was so overexcited when I heard the news that Ty was signing to Tru Thoughts in January. I still remember the first time I heard ‘Closer’ as its addictive rhythm and distinctive, warm vocal managed to grab my attention above a load of hustle in the student bar one random day at uni - check the vid above. Since then, it’s been great to hear his style develop, and it’s hugely reassuring to know that the UK rapper is going to be working with the kings of Brighton eclecticity, as the tie-up seems like a great match for Ty’s innovative, fresh style and will, I’m sure, make for some wicked future collaborations.

Ty’s first TT release is ‘Kick Snare and an Idea Pt 1’, a 3-tracker of timeless beats and vocal melodies. The lead track ‘Like You Never’ showcases the outstanding quality of Ty’s production work, with soulful stabs and swirling FX blended into a beautifully complex yet perfectly balanced hip-hop rhythm. The package then features more of the same on ‘Knock Knock’ and ‘Playing with Fire’. For heavy rotation.

Kick Snare and an Idea Pt 1 is out on 8th April. | |

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Stop.Look.Listen. Podcast #1

For ages I've wanted a place to quickly collate all the best promos I'm sent throughout the week; selfishly so I can give them the attention they deserve, selflessly so I can share all these wicked tracks with you bunch!

So, SLL proudly presents: Your weekly guide to the best soulful promos floating round the interwang, automixed with Algoriddim Djay for iPhone/iPad.

#1 - 25th Feb 2013

01. Bones The Beat Head - Sample Substitution (Bandcamp) [download]
02. Nickodemus feat. The Real Live Show - Give The Drummer Some (DJ Regal's 7inch B-Boy 03. Drum Flip) (Wonderwheel Promo)
04. Ty - Like You Never (Tru Thoughts Promo)
05. Natasha Watts - Born A Star (Sed Soul Promo)
06. Apple and the Three Oranges - I'll Give You A Ring (When I Come, If I Come) (Now Again Promo)
07. Caroline Lacaze & The Mocambo Electric Sound Orchestra - L'Étrange (Instrumental) (Mocambo Records Promo)
08. Colman Brothers - She Who Dares (Scrimshire Remix) (Wah Wah 45s Promo)
09. fLako ft. Dirg Gerner - Lonely Town (Hypha ReEdit) (Self Released) [download]
10. Lomovolokno - Eena (Finest Ego Promo)
11. Szjerdene - Arrow(s) (Bandcamp) [download]
12. MJ Cole - Crazy Love (Volta Cab Dub Mix) (Self Released) [download via XLR8R]
13. Syron - Here (Radio Edit) (MoS Promo)
14. Eloq - C-Mon (Activia Benz Promo)

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Coco Bryce - Club Tropicana (Fremdtunes)

Dutchman Coco Bryce hits us with his second album ‘Club Tropicana’. It’s a name that’s new to me I must admit, but its introduced me to a fresh style of beat tape.

Bryce uses 14 tracks and 45 minutes to twist and turn through a multitude of influences and create a complex experimental soundscape which journeys through every electronic style imaginable.

From trippy 80s-inspired electronica to unique, moody interpretations of electro, techno, D&B and hip-hop, this album plays like a hedonistic journey through the deep subconscious. Its merits cannot be truly appreciated on first listen, but give it time and Bryce gets in your head. Wicked stuff - check the preview of the lead single above.

Club Tropicana is out on 25th March via Fremdtunes |

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Last Night's Listening: Mardi Gras, Sydney

A few tracks I heard last night during the Mardi Gras parade on Oxford Street in Sydney. Safe to say it was fabulous, darling...

1. The System - Coming to America (Atco Records, 1988)

This is a bit of a white lie really, as I didn't technically here this at all! That said, whilst sitting outside the Coco Cubano on the parade route last night, I did hear a track in the background that distinctly reminded me of the score from one of my favourite 80s films – Coming To America. A bit of searching later and I stumbled across the main theme. Classic funk from the era of big shoulder pads, bigger phones and truly terrifying perms.

2. Benny Benassi - Satisfaction (Energy Production, 2002)

Released in 2002, I still remember working in Groovefinder Records in Portsmouth when the first pressings of this came through, as it took quite a while to decide whether this was a huge hit or miss. However, ‘Satisfaction’ has since given birth to a decade of hugely compressed synth-heavy ‘electro’ anthems; as it turns out this track was groundbreaking at the time and refuses to go away. That riff though… So infectious! 

3. Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive (RSO, 1977)

A track that needs no introduction. Immortalised by the dancefloor stylings of one John Travolta, this track was one of the first disco tracks I was ever exposed to and continues to rotate in all manner of venues – in a multitude of reworked forms – the world over. Classic doesn't quite do it justice.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Wrongtom meets Deemas J - Superteng (Tru Thoughts)

‘Superteng’ is the second single from Wrongtom’s album ‘In East London’, released in 2012.

This latest release is a fat, bouncing dub reggae package with mixes for any floor. Superb lyrical waxing comes from Deemas J, with the single offering an extended mix of ‘Superteng’ as well as big D&B, bass and hip-hop mixes from Benny Page, Scoop, Alter Ego & Rico and Mo’ Matic.

The beats have been stripped right back-to-basics, giving Deemas J’s vocal talents plenty of room to breathe, adding an infectious energy to Wrongtom’s vintage vibe. Perfect listening for a Portabello Road rooftop party during Carnival. Loving it.

Superteng is out 1st April. In the meantime, check out Wrongtom's wicked bootie which reworks the Superteng acapella into DJ Zinc's classic 'Super Sharp Shooter'. Retweet about it and he'll re-up the free download too - go do it! |

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