Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sweatson Klank - You, Me, Temporary (Project: Mooncircle)

This is undoubtedly my album of the year so far for sure! The first album I’ve had through in 2013 that I’ve instantly needed to rewind and play again.

Sweatson Klank releases his third studio album in the shape of ‘You, Me, Temporary’ on Project: Mooncircle, a 17-tracker that takes the listener on an incredible journey through a multitude of musical dimensions. From soulful, R&B-esque beats and melodies to gorgeous future funk rhythms, the album plays like a very personal biography showcasing the amazing warmth and depth of Sweatson’s productions.

The package comes with some epic tie-ups, my favourite being the unmistakable vocals of Vikter Duplaix as featured on ‘Waiting’, which sounds not too dissimilar from Luomo output of the past.

If deep, future beats are your thing, you need this album. Hugely recommend.

‘You, Me, Temporary’ is out on 4th April via Project: Mooncircle. |
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