Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Various Artists - The Melt Compilation Volume 1 (Bandcamp)

The Melt Volume 1 is an incredible collection of cuts from a music collective out of LA. This comp is their first album release, a credit to the amazing quality of the future beats coming out of the US, as well as the team’s pioneering sound and superb A&R skills.

I’ve got to admit I’m new to nearly all the artists featured, but safe to say that each track represents the very best of the cut-up future funk sound, with gorgeous soul/R&B samples twisted perfectly around electronic rhythms, dark, trippy synths/FX and moody pad work.

The Melt takes you on a true musical journey, with each producer and track entirely unique with their own distinctive personality. Look out more from all these guys as their sound and production values make this a truly groundbreaking album. Big support on this one.

The Melt Volume 1 is out now as a free download via Bandcamp. [download]

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