Thursday, 28 March 2013

Various Artists: Cloud Watching Volume 1 (Riddim Fruit)

Again I'm overjoyed to announce another new label tie-up for the blog - this time with the Riddim Fruit imprint based in Devon, UK. Typically a region famed for its glorious range of dairy products, this relatively new label has been churning out its own unique brand of soul food since 2010.

With a discography focussed on sun-drenched West Coast-inspired beats and downtempo, the best bit is not just the amazing quality of the music, but also that they've started putting out compilation albums of their material completely free. 

'Cloud Watching Volume 1' is an incredible mash of lo fi hip-hop, broken beat and dub, with funk-filled cuts and captivating melody at the heart of every track. Such an incredible soundclash is a result of the label looking to artists right across the globe to source its material, with the resulting sound something really very special. Personal faves on the album have to be 'Humble Love' by Kalamari Beats and Kill Emi's 'Don't Love With Hatred'. 

I tip these guys for very big things, so be sure to get your download on and check their back cat too. Oh, and there's a Volume 2 of 'Cloud Watching' as well which I'm really looking forward to getting round to.

Cloud Watching Volume 1 is out now as a free download [here] or via Bandcamp above. |
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