Wednesday, 19 June 2013

HornDogz feat. Ty, Breis & Peeda - Movin' On (Uptone Records)

As you'll probably know if you're a regular visitor, I'm an avid fan of Ty, so today I was mega excited to receive an EP from 'HornDogz' featuring his unmistakable vocals.

HornDogz are an incredible 3-piece jazz/soul/funk collective who released their full album last year, although I'm really sorry to admit it passed me by.

With collaborators and credentials spanning many an ocean, the HornDogz project have worked alongside the likes of Amp Fiddler and numerous other top-drawer session musicians, as well as covering for the P-Funk horn section with the one and only George Clinton.

This 3-tracker includes a brass-o-rific, sexy party jam in the shape of 'Movin' On', as well as the kick-back 'La Trompeta O Yo' and their own soulful guitar-led strip of the A-side.

Check the video - it's sick. I'm on the chase for the album as well, so will post a stream if I manage to get hold of it.

Classic, golden funk jams.

'Movin' On' is out now via Uptone Records |

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