Monday, 17 June 2013

Thabo & The Real Deal - Thabo & The Real Deal (Free Download)

Released back in 2011, this album is what the band call 'bare knuckle soul', their guiding principle being 'to make the kind of music Bob Marley would listen to if he were alive today'. This mantra has given Thabo and The Real Deal recognition from some of the biggest names in soul, supporting the likes of Eric Robertson, Leon Ware and Cody Chestnutt, all big SLL faves.

Their self-titled freEP is pure stripped-back soul, the guys opting for Fender Rhodes, percussion, acoustic guitar and vocals in place of the typical drum patterns and deep basslines. The result is an exceptionally pure, organic sound, Thabo's vocals floating perfectly atop the heavenly backing tracks. As I write this, I can only draw comparison with Zo!, such is the immense quality of this 4-tracker.

Sitting somewhere between soul, RnB and acoustic, this is a jaw-dropping release that requires repeated listens. Enjoy, and spread the word. Expect to hear much more from these guys.

'Thabo & The Real Deal' is out now as a free download via
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