Friday, 14 June 2013

Lonely Boy - When I Think About EP (Winding Road)

It was about 5 years ago that I remember sitting down with Winding Road's Head Honcho, the man they call Hot Toddy (of Crazy P fame) and Knee Deep's very own Sebastian 'Basti' Doering for dinner in east London. Basti was a relatively recent addition to their roster with releases under his now prolific 'Lovebirds' moniker. A real personal honour for me, as I'd spent much of my time at uni pushing the WR sound in the clubs 'round Bournemouth.

On the move up to London, I got involved with D&B heroes Reprise Agency who were looking to expand into the deeper house space. So I mentioned the 'Gentle EP', a record released on Basti and Vincenzo's new Teardrop label and an EP that for me encapsulated everything good about house music at the time. Right from his earlier releases on Azuli back in '99, I'd long been a fan of Basti's genre-defining soulful house style. Then came Lovebirds, which was nothing short of a deep house, genre-defining tour de force.

Anyhow, safe to say I've been a fan of the Winding Road label for time, so when their latest release dropped in my Inbox this week, I did a rather over-exuberant dance, to myself, in the living room.

This latest release comes from 'Lonely Boy', an L.A. producer that WR assure we all know, but whose name will remain a mystery (answers on a postcard please).

'When I Think About' is yet another triumph from the WR stable - a truly classic and beautifully produced selection of deep house, with remixes coming from long-time-ten-dollar-lover Hot Toddy, as well as man of the hour Giom with a more electro/disco feel, plus a Dub for the darker floors. There's then 'Shut Your Mouth', a more melodic, funky jam on the flip. Anyways, here it is:

Seriously, go buy. And while you're at it, download WR's back cat - it's all solid gold and sounds as fresh as the day it was mastered.

'When I Think About' is out on 21st June via Winding Road | Winding Road on Facebook
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