Sunday, 30 June 2013

Ellie Mae - Without You (A Stop.Look.Listen. Edition) FREE DL

Apologies for having been out of touch this last week - I've spent the last few days head-down in the studio which has consumed all my brainpower. I figured seeing as I spend so much time passing judgement on other people's music, I should work on my own stuff and put it out there for scrutiny. Plus it meant I could start messing with my new Vocoder. :-)

The track is a remix of 'Without You' by the gorgeous Ellie Mae, a singer-songwriter who I first met when she played at WIRED a few years back as the vocalist for Rigolo. It's been fully approved for release by Ellie, who's likened it to the Gotan Project sound. Praise indeed.

We've kept in touch whilst Ellie has been working on some beautiful acoustic melodies, culminating in her first studio EP 'Wash Away My Love'. Without You was my favourite inclusion; minimal, moody and moving, I just had to give it a splash of broken beat flavour. Check it out, download it, distribute it, enjoy it - and don't forget to check out Ellie's FreEP via the link below - it's ace!

DJ Equipment - Serato Scratch Live SL-1

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