Monday, 17 June 2013

Yosi Horikawa - Vapor (First Word Records)

I've just come back from an interview at Universal Music Australia (eek - fingers crossed for me, ay?!) so I'm a bit wired from all the adrenaline. As a result, I'm feeling mega inspired to share some recent finds, so apologies if you get a heap of updates all at once this afternoon!

My next recommendation comes in the form of Yosi Horikawa's new album 'Vapor'. I featured 'Stars' on a recent podcast, but the album is so insane I couldn't help but give it more airtime.

Hailing from Osaka, Yosi has been experimenting with music since the age of 12, sampling various self-made sounds in his bedroom to create DIY overdubs using two cassette decks. After many years of perfecting his craft, Yosi has now begun working with the immortals at the Red Bull Music Academy (including the likes of Dorian Concept), and when you hear his music you can understand why.

Yosi's style is genre-defining, impossible to pin down. It's almost impossible to put his experimental output into any kind of context. Live recordings sit alongside a host of truly unique drum patterns and rhythms, the only common denominator being the uplifting spirit and Eastern mysticism underpinning every track. As a result, I'll let the music speak for itself.

All that's left to say is this is a truly groundbreaking release, with only Matthew Herbert coming to mind when it comes to such bold, pioneering ingenuity.

'Vapor' is out today (24th June) on First Word Records |
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