Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Joss Moog - Late Nite Beats (Robsoul Recordings)

I've been listening to a fair bit of French house of late and it doesn't come any better than Joss Moog with the new album 'Late Nite Beats' on Robsoul.

It's an LP I keep coming back to, mainly for its infectious filtered sample work, deep, solid grooves and classic drum patterns - everything that's had me hooked on French house ever since I got into it in the late-90s.

And just as I was feeling the blog had become a little devoid of video content, it just so happens that I had an official video for 'Second Choice' hit my Inbox recently. Offering a snapshot of late-70s American street and B-Bop culture, it also provides a wicked teaser for the full-length album.

'Late Nite Beats' is out now on Robsoul via Juno Download |
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