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Stop.Look.Listen. Interview - Tall Black Guy (First Word)

Tall Black Guy is one of the most talked about soul artists of the year, with his latest album '8 Miles To Moenart' being met with rapturous praise right across the web.

The album is a real journey showcasing numerous musical influences in a multitude of styles. Through broken beats, disco drum patterns, hip-hop attitude and soulful melody, this long-player plays like a story, reading like a book that's impossible to put down. It results in a carefully choreographed selection that, much like a great novel, should be devoured in one sitting.

With such an obvious emotive and biographical undertone, it got me wondering about the personality behind the story, the influences, the inspiration. So I asked him. Here's what he had to say.


BC: What’s your name and where d’you come from?

TALL BLACK GUY: My name is Terrel Wallace aka Tall Black Guy Productions and I'm originally from Detroit Michigan, moved around a lot so some people think I'm still in Chicago or the D but I currently reside in the UK.

BC: What three records would sum-up your musical influences and why?


1. Summer Madness by Kool & the Gang

2. In A Sentimental Mood by Duke Ellington & John Coltrane

3. I Can't Help It by Michael Jackson. They have all been instrumental in shaping the way I create my own sound.

BC: What was the last live act / DJ you saw that left a lasting impression on you?

TALL BLACK GUY: Benji B, I saw him perform at an Open event in Norwich. He knows how to pick some dope tunes and has a lot of skill as a DJ.

BC: Grab your choice of music device, press Shuffle and list the first three tracks that come up. Tell us in a few words why each has earned a place in your playlist.


1. Play Dis Only At Night by Pete Rock, from one of my favorite albums from 2001 I used to play this song consistently 5 times a week while driving around Detroit.

2. I Couldn't Love You More by Sade, I'm a huge fan of Sade...always have been. This song by far is one of my favorites.

3. Nighttime Maneuvers by Little Brother. To me Little Brother are one of the last hip hop groups to make music of this quality in 2004 aside from The Roots or De La.

BC: What’s the secret to your sound?

TALL BLACK GUY: Can't tell you that its a secret! Practice, practice and more practice is my main secret.

BC: What or whom most inspires you and helps focus your musical creativity?

TALL BLACK GUY: God and my family

BC: Which music producer do you think is going to be making waves in 2013?

TALL BLACK GUY: There are quite a few that I check for, but Kenny Keys, Diggs Duke and Doc Illingsworth are probably the ones I check for the most.

BC: What’s next for Tall Black Guy?

TALL BLACK GUY: To continue making music that I'm inspired to make with the artists that I respect. That's all anyone who loves music can ask for.



'8 Miles To Moenart' is out now via First Word. Check the album sampler out below and grab yourself a copy from Juno Download here.

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