Saturday, 25 May 2013

Jakobin & Domino - Come On Back EP (Large Music)

Austria's Jakobin & Domino return on Chicago's Large Music imprint with the thumping 'Come On Back EP'.

This new 3-tracker is rich in deep Detroit vibes, with silky vocal snippets weaving around melodic keys, driving basslines and super-tight drums. A must for the summer floors mos' def.

As yet, this track is so fresh (Jeff only sent it to me this morning!) there seems to be no footprint of the tracks anywhere on the web. This needs correcting ASAP, so I'll be sure to include it on a wee deep house mix I'm putting together this evening - watch this space. (I've been sent so much amazing deep house of late, I need to get it out there...)

That said, I did jump onto Jakobin & Domino's Soundcloud page, where I found one of their previous remixes of Mr Fingers for free download, as well as a Luv Shack remake of The Doors from their labelmates. Check them out below.

The 'Come On Back EP' is out on 10th June via Large Music. |

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