Thursday, 16 May 2013

Steve Mill presents Anna Cavazos - Upside Down (Muak)

With strong echoes of that 90s club vibe, yet laced with classic deep house grooves, Steve Mill presents Anna Cavazos on 'Upside Down'.

Punchy drums, crisp hats and ravey filtered keys are perfectly fused with a speed garage-esque bounce and warm deep house harmonies; it almost plays like an Innervision reinterpretation of Todd Edwards' earlier work.

Within seconds of hitting play, this was already a favourite. With summer just around the corner in the UK, this would definitely be one of my picks for this coming Ibiza season. Just wishing I could be jamming on the terraces to hear it this year. Never mind ay, I can always pop down to Bondi on the 380 bus. Just hope the DJ's spinning this.


'Upside Down' is out via Muak exclusively through Traxsource in late-May. |

DJ Equipment - Serato Scratch Live SL-1

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