Wednesday, 1 May 2013

iTunes turns 10...

This week marked iTunes' 10th birthday - how mad is that?!

Whilst there have been a lot of posts chipping around the web about this milestone, this simply got me thinking - what on earth was I buying in my early days of iTunes?

The answer: lots of Demarkus Lewis apparently, which I'm far from ashamed of. After all, this exercise could have revealed a past fancy with cheesy party remixes or something. Thankfully, for now, all that remains a closely guarded secret. :-)

Here are the tracks - enjoy.

1. Demarkus Lewis - Hustler (Vista, 2004)

2. Demarkus Lewis - Coming Back 4 Love (Vista, 2004)

3. Demarkus Lewis - St. Lewis (Greenkeepers, 2006)

DJ Equipment - Serato Scratch Live SL-1

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