Saturday, 25 May 2013

Nu Era - The Third Adam (Omniverse Records)

Out on Monday, 'The Third Adam' is the latest outing from Nu Era, aka Marc '4Hero' Mac.

For this long-player, Mac has harked back to the good ol' days of analog, employing numerous vintage instruments to create a wholly electronic yet warm, soulful sound.

Marc's Detroit techno influences are ever present on this release, with more than a hint of that unmistakable 4Hero vibe. That said, there is something that makes 'The Third Adam' undefinable - is it house, is it hip-hop, is it beats, funk or electro?? Who knows - but that's what makes it so remarkable - it's in a genre all its own. There are few artists out there that can draw heart-warming soul from cold, dusty electronics like Marc Mac can.

Already a firm favourite - take a listen.

Nu Era's 'The Third Adam' is out on 27th May via Omniverse |

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