Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Frameworks - Old Friend feat. JP Cooper (First Word Recordings)

I was chatting with Matt 'Frameworks' Brewer over the last few days. We got talking after I found out he recently recorded a track with fellow Mancunian JP Cooper, who featured at Wired in London last month.

The track is entitled 'Old Friend', a beautifully moody, cinematic soundscape with the most wonderfully moving video, available now via SLL faves First Word Recordings.

Produced by Picture Lock Productions, it was filmed in Fleetwood, just south of Blackpool, through the eyes of a despairing fisherman. It tells the story of an former fishing town and the community left behind, the industry having collapsed in '82. To quote Matt:

"Wanted the old guy to kinda represent someone from that community.. if that makes sense"

Spending much of my time watching umpteen music videos, this is a real treasure - in fact one of the best I've watched in ages.

The soundtrack perfectly compliments the subject matter and there's just something very real about the whole composition. I've never visited Fleetwood, but the emotion conveyed by the superb actor's facial expressions tells a million stories and really moves you. Indeed, there's not many videos that made me pant like an impatient dog so I could show my girlfriend when she got home from work. Safe to say she was equally impressed!

Matt and JP: a triumph. Congratulations!

'Old Friend EP' is out now via First Word |

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