Tuesday, 30 July 2013

SLL EXCLUSIVE : DJ Clairvo - Suppa Shoota (MustBeat Crew) *FREE DL*

The MustBeat Crew

After many months plugging away on here, I'm delighted to announce our first EXCLUSIVE download from the MustBeat Crew over in Hungary.

MustBeat are a bunch of wicked DJs, musicians, party promoters and artists hailing from Budapest. Collectively they are skilled in all manner of artistic trades, not just producing music but also specialising in graphic design, video production and a whole host of other projects besides.

The team began life in the Listen! record shop in 1998 where they worked as booking agents for DJs alongside their graphic design work. Then when the shop closed in 2001 (such is the sad fate of so many decent wax retailers these days), the guys decided to pool resources to promote their own music and art under one brand. MustBeat was born, with this leading to the launch of their own record label in 2011.

In two short years they've been massively busy, putting out over 20 releases from artists the world over, with their output being met with high acclaim by a broad cross-section of DJs and music lovers alike - indeed, several records have already begun to make it into Juno's top-5.

I've been talking to one part of the outfit - DJ Clairvo (of Nynfus Corporation fame) - who put together a new take Wrongtom's 'Superteng' (which we reviewed a few months back) and has offered it up to SLL's readers exclusively for the princely sum of nowt! A great peak-time party vibe that offers a sympathetic update, maintaining the reggae bounce of the original and the full vocal whilst beefing-up the beats with a broken rhythm that is the trademark of much of MustBeat's stellar output.

A serious record. Big thanks to the guys for letting us have first dibs. :-)

DJ Equipment - Serato Scratch Live SL-1

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