Saturday, 3 August 2013

Stop.Look.Listen. Podcast #17 *FREE TRACK DL PACK*

At last - here it is - episode 17 of the SLL Podcast series. I've been a little absent the last couple of weeks owing to frantic job interviews, but it does mean I had a wicked backlog of music to dig through and serve up for y'all.

The mix was compiled in the blazing sunshine in Sydney today, so I'm hoping I've captured some in the selection. Expect lots of lush downtempo hip-hop, funk, dub and electronica, as well as the usual quirky bits 'n' pieces. There are some epic free compilations out there at the moment, including new business from First Word with their latest 'Two Syllables' and Groovement's brand new 'Volume One' long-player, both of which are previewed here.

Also, as of this week I'll be offering-up all the free promos as a one-click download, if you fancy spicing-up your iPod and listening to some amazing new music. Enjoy!

#17 - 29th July 2013

01. Frameworks - Patience (First Word) [download]
02. Hanami - Fruition (Project: Mooncircle) [download]
03. Sparkling Bits - Land Of Thirst (Bandcamp)
04. Es-K - Coolin' In July (Millenium Jazz Music) [download]
05. Lakim - Mountain High (Soulection) [download]
06. Sir Froderick - bitesizesnacks (Bandcamp) [download]
07. Moka Only - Mercy (Bandcamp) [download]
08. Paul White - Lolita (One Handed Music) [download]
09. J-Felix - Lady T (Groovement) [download]
10. K-Maxx - Dreamin' Of You (Bastard Jazz Promo)
11. 813 - Village (Apothecary Compositions)
12. Dan Bodan - Anonynous (Kuhrye-oo Remix) (DFA) [download]
13. Hayden James - Permission To Land (Charles Murdoch Remix) (Future Classic) [download]
14. Pedestrian & Jasperdrum - Kalakuta vs Zombie (PEDit) (Self Released) [download]
15. Smokey Bandits - Subway Hustler (Renegades Of Jazz Break Remix) (Bombastic Jam Promo)
16. Harold Butler - Do It Anyday (Joey Negro Edit) (Z Records Promo)
17. Smokey Bandits - Smoke From The Attic (Blend Mishkin Remix) (Bombastic Jam Promo)
18. Dessy di Lauro - Mysterious (CrazyglueMusic LLC)
19. Riot Jazz Brass Band - Necropolis (First Word Promo)
20. MJ Cole - Crazy Love (Volta Cab Dub Mix) (Self Released) [download]

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