Thursday, 18 April 2013

Uraz Kurt – Discofied (Soulab)

Soulab has been a consistent powerhouse in the nu soul/broken-beat scene for some years, with every one of its releases firmly entrenched in the SLL musical armory.

On this latest release, the French funkmeisters hand the reins to Turkish producer Uraz Kurt, a name I’m not particularly familiar with but with certainly be looking out for in future. Safe to say there’s a lot of wicked stuff coming out of Istanbul these days – take note.

‘Discofied’ is an eclectic mix of modern electronic sounds, including brave covers of Inner City’s epic ‘Big Fun’ and Donny Hathaway’s ‘Little Ghetto Boy’. The result is a choppy, sample-happy package, all driven by gorgeous live instrumentals and arpy leads. Kurt’s partner Cagri Ultay adds the final polish, her tender vocals piercing the grooves to calm the spirit and move the mind.

‘Discofied’ is out now on Soulab – go get! |
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