Saturday, 27 April 2013

Jaw Jam – The Truth (Tuff Wax)

It’s often true that the genius in some music lies in what’s not heard rather than what is. And this is the first thing that springs to mind on firing up Jaw Jam’s ‘The Truth’, because unlike most modern electronica the real intelligence and expressive depth lies in the bold minimalism of this 5-track release.

Jaw Jam’s style is fresh in its experimental exploration of 2-step-esque samples and melody, with this relatively new producer offering the listener a rather unique opportunity to experience the intricate manipulation of each and every musical element, the absence of complex instrumental layering letting you get to the very heart of each track. The result is an EP which takes its time subtly building intrigue and suspense to draw you in and get you hooked.

The EP also comes loaded with B-side cuts in the shape of ‘Late Nite’, a rework of ‘Music is the Answer’, and remixes of The Truth from label head Lockah and fellow Scotsman Yoin. One word: moreish.

'The Truth EP' is out on 6th May via Tuff Wax and is available to pre-order here. |
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