Friday, 19 April 2013

Lady - Lady (Truth & Soul)

For years producers across the land have sought the soulful Holy Grail – to reproduce and reinterpret the sounds made famous by the Motown record label. A true feat if one can achieve it, as it means hitting a chord which envelopes the true spirit of funk and soul.

For some that can mean harking back to truly organic, analog production, for others it’s felt in the very fabric of the music – the feeling, the energy, the hairs-on-the-back-of-your-neck moment. Well I’m hugely excited to report that this is an accomplishment achieved by Lady, the new collaboration between long-time songstress Terri Walker and Nicole Wray, with production from Truth & Soul.

The album has a number of different vibes, with ‘Lady’ shooting like a bullet from a late-70s funk floor, ‘Karma’ offering a slow string-led brass ballad, and ‘Good Lovin’’ sprinkling some disco flavour into the mix.

A fantastic, standard-setting nu soul release. Essential.

'Lady' is out now on Truth & Soul. Check the album sampler below and download it now. |

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