Wednesday, 20 February 2013

3 Reasons to Love

I recently happened across, a web and mobile app-based blog aggregating media player. I’m hooked. It basically uses intelligent music tagging and decent blog QA to help you find the best new music.

Here are 3 reasons why Shuffler’s floating my boat this week.

1.  Sango – Vem Vem

Only just caught the vibe on Sango this week. Sick, sick beats from the US, with atmospheric guitar riffs and a perfectly balanced b-line backing Kendrick Lamar’s vocal splices. Big props from Gilles P;  bigger props from Sydney. Grab the free download now!

2. The Jazz Jousters - Bones The Beat Head Sample Substitution (from 'Another Manhã - The Jazz Jousters Flip A Joe Sample')

Again, only this week have I discovered the Jazz Jousters series on Millennium Jazz. For this outing, the guys have worked some real magic with Joe Sample’s ‘Manha Do Carnaval’, featuring several brand new mixes reinterpreted and reworked for the beats generation. You might also remember Joe as one part of The Crusaders – what a band; check 'Spiral' if you haven't heard it already. Another ridiculously free beat tape - go grab.

3. Tall Black Guy - I Feel Good (James Brown Flip Up)

Lastly, a big thanks to Shuffler for sticking this cracking little wobbler in my lugs again. Another outing from the superb Tall Black Guy from late 2012, this saucy James Brown-sampling number came as part of First Word’s insanely free ‘Two Syllables Volume Eight’ comp. You can still grab it free from Bandcamp – and you should.

Shuffler – we salute you!
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